Laura Seath, Sony, New York, NY

1. Muse - Absolution

Operatic piano parts + thumping rhythms = i heart muse with a big cheesy grin. 'nuff said really. plus does it count that i want to marry matt bellamy and have all his hot babies?! well, he was voted 29th "top guitar player" in Total Guitar magazine this year. geez, i'm such a groupie!! grin. Click here to buy.

2. The Arcade Fire - Funeral

Perhaps their 15 minutes will pass, but this record is phenomenal. Plus their bassist looks like he's missing from "Napoleon Dynamite". Class in a glass. Click here to buy.

3. Cary Brothers - All The Rage EP

He was placed on the soundtrack to Garden State, so kudos to Zach Braff for putting together an all-round decent little ditty. He's from Nashville. And he hearts canada. As his line goes "Everyone is cool in Canada". Well, they would be. They didn't vote in a monkey. Click here to buy.

4. Feist - Let It Die

C'mon.. let's chant to get it released it here! please please please please. Click here to buy.

5. Snow Patrol - Final Straw

I heart my homeland. Esp when hot irish men make good music in the name of scotland. Click here to buy.

6. Elliott Smith - From A Basement On A Hill

R.I.P. Like Elvis, he shall live on forever....in burgers? Click here to buy.

7. Earlimart - Treble And Tremble

Stunning. Click here to buy.

8. Sufjan Stevens - Seven Swans

Who thought banjo folk music could be so good? Yay! Click here to buy.

9. The Beta Band - Heroes To Zeros

Sniff. they broke up. But at least we get to keep the record collection and give back the t-shirt. Click here to buy.

10. Guster - Carol Of The Meows

Can I have a single here? Well, anyway, it's good...until the millionth listen, but then it's all about the cat's meow! Also nominated is ?Donde Esta Santa Claus? for comedy value. Who needs Jose Feliciano when you've got Guster.

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