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Marty Solomon Gottesman, Razor & Tie Entertainment, New York, NY

10. The Delays - Faded Seaside Glamour

9. Elliot Smith - From A Basement On A Hill
Sadly, sometimes a person's best art is created during his most tragic hours.

8. Ambulance Ltd. - LP
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Elie Perler, TVT Records, New York, NY

10. Flunk - Morning Star
Norwegian artist creates easy listening with an ambient mix of electronica and folk.

9. Me First & The Gimme Gimmies - Ruin Johnny's Bar Mitzvah
Punk covers of classic rock staples in a cheesy party atmosphere.

8. Velvet Revolver - Contraband
Mix 3 parts GNR, and 1 part STP. Powerful aural mix-drink.

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Eden Chen, Village Voice, New York, NY

10. John Lennon - Acoustic

9. Athlete - Vehicles and Animals

8. Medeski Martin and Wood - End of the World Party

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Jeremy Meyers, Sony Classical, New York, NY

10. Bees - Free the Bees

9. Ari Hest - Someone To Tell

8. Keane - Hopes & Fears

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Laura Seath, Sony, New York, NY

10. Guster - Carol Of The Meows

Can I have a single here? Well, anyway, it's good...until the millionth listen, but then it's all about the cat's meow! Also nominated is ?Donde Esta Santa Claus? for comedy value. Who needs Jose Feliciano when you've got Guster.

9. The Beta Band - Heroes To Zeros

Sniff. they broke up. But at least we get to keep the record collection and give back the t-shirts.

8. Sufjan Stevens - Seven Swans

Who thought banjo folk music could be so good? Yay!

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Dave Sandford, KSM Inc., New York, NY

10. Danger Mouse - The Gray Album (was for free on the internet)

Technically a mash-up is when you combine one song with another (For example placing the music of The Strokes Last Night under the vocals of Christina Aguilera’s Genie In A Bottle).  This album (a combination of The Beatles’ White Album with Jay Z’s Black Album) is not true to its definition (it is more of traditional sampling, then mash-ups) as a Fab Four song never truly becomes the musical bed for Hova’s lyrics to ride on, but it proves to be an amazing experimentation.  Jay Z’s vocal flow proves a perfect ride for George Harrison’s guitar from While My Guitar Gently Weeps on the track What More Can I Say. Dirt Off Your Shoulders becomes a trippy hip-hopper filtered with a repetitive sample from Julia.  Change Clothes is transformed into a crazy circus as Piggies gives into a merry-go-round fun ride feel.  December 4th, the standout track (and my personal favorite from Jay Z’s Black album) rides the guitar intro to Mother’s Nature Son and tells the story of Jay’s rise out of the hood with an emotional narration by his mother.  It’s too bad this record never got an official release due to legalities from both publishing and record companies as it is a great musical education to generations of all ages. HOLLA!!!!
KEY CUTS: December 4th, Change Clothes, My 1st Song

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Josh Preston, Oh Boy Records, Nashville, TN

10. Feist – Let It Die

It should be called “Let it be released in the frigging US already”. Who’s the over-dressed pile of brilliance that’s sitting on their thumbs waiting for the right moment to release this record? No one can afford to pay $30 for the import. I’m actually encouraging piracy now.

9. The Album Leaf – In A Safe Place

The sleeper album of the year. Actually, it’s still asleep and will probably make you sleepy. It’s enshrouded in sleep. “Enshrouded in Sleep” sounds like a new emo band.

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Gretchen Brennison, BMG, New York, NY

In no particular order...

Sufjan Stevens - Seven Swans

Any album that commences with the line "If I am alive this time next year..." is OK in my book.  And features a banjo too!  Sufjan toes the Christian music line...yes, I know, gasps and disbelief and all that, but this is a lovely, melancholy, peaceful folk record, Jesus notwithstanding.  The frugal but unique instrumentation is a perfect accompaniment to his soothing voice, almost lilting despite the dark and somber song focus.  Check out "In the Devil's Territory" and "Seven Swans."  If I were rating these, this record might be #1.  Since I'm not, it's not.  On a side note, my apologies to my fiance Dave for waking him up at an ungodly hour blasting this record in the living room...but I just had to hear it, even if it was 3am.

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